Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Get Ready for the Beach" Update Two

I ran a 5 miler on my lunch break today and couldn't wait for it to be over. I was going to run outside, in the gorgeous 55 degree sunshine but for some reason, I convinced myself to go to the gym on the treadmill so I could watch the latest "Desperate Housewives" episode while I run. ha! We're now into Week Two of "Get Ready for the Beach" and I'm getting used to my normal days worth of blandy goodness. Basically, right now, I'm having high fiber oatmeal for breakfast with 1 tsb of peanut butter mixed in or Ezekial Sprouted Grain bread toasted with PB and sliced banana on it, fruit for snacks (i've been eating an apple, a banana and some melon through out the day), baked chicken and veggies for lunch and some sort of chicken/veg/grain combo for dinner. I also take a multi-vitamin, an Omega supplement and calcium. I'm trying to cut out Diet Soda so I've tried "Zevia" which is all natural and has no fake sugar in it. I drink one maybe every other day now so that's good and I also drink a ton of water every day. I also eat as much veggies as I want and I'm finding all of the added fiber is really filling me up. My candy cravings are finally going away!! (Seriously, I feel like i'm a crack addict except with gummy candy.) We also give ourselves one "cheat" meal a week to keep the sanity. I'm thinking of just having dessert this weekend as my "cheat". How good would a freakin icecream sundae be?? YUM.

I might try running outside tomorrow morning since its supposed to warm again.

Update: I did run outside this morning at 5am and ran 6 miles! The weather is cooperating and it was around 50 degrees this morning!

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