Sunday, September 29, 2013

Megatransect 2013 Recap

Friday afternoon, my dad, husband and myself ventured back down to Lock Haven, PA for the Megatransect. If you haven't heard of the Mega, it's an endurance trail race through the mountains. This year, it included 5,300 feet of climbing elevation, raw trails, boulder fields and of course, that last green mile. I would place this years mileage around 32-34 miles.

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Excitement in the air!

Have you ever had something happen that sort of pushed you into a new direction? I think sometimes, we need that little kick in the butt to get ourselves to do something that maybe we've always wanted to do but were too scared or worried to just go ahead and do it.

My babysitter is retiring in June of this year. The only way it made financial sense for me to return to a full time job was because my babysitter has been sitting for 30 years and practically never raised her prices. This summer alone, for both kids to go to day camp/day care, it is going to cost me over $1500 a month! I can tell you friends, there is no way in hell that I'm going to sit in an office 40 hours a week to hand my entire check over to someone else to watch my children.

I feel horribly guilty as it is being at work all day long. I am not a materialistic person and money doesn't and never will matter to me. I honestly , after paying daycare, my car insurance, my car payment, gas to get to work, am not in any better shape now than I was working 2 days a week years ago. I feel in the depths of my soul that I need to be here for my children. Things are happening my friends. 

I spoke with the Fitness Director at the YMCA and have signed up to take the Group Fitness Certification class starting in January. She said that she personally trains and certifies and if an individual does well in the class , she will offer them a job. I love working out and getting paid to work out and motivate others to work out??? Hello! That's for me. Plus, there is another 8 hour course, taught in one day, to get Spin Instructor Certified. Yes. I will be doing that as well. Come to my spin class...Seriously, it will be awesome! 

I have some time to let this stuff sink in. I want to be a very active parent and involve myself in my children's school. I'm sad that Ethan is already in Kindergarten and that I never got time to be home with Maya. I don't think it's fair to them. 

Family is more important. I have other opportunities as well, some that I currently already do, to make some income that won't involve a 40 hour a week desk job. 

Happiness is more important as well. I feel guilty for not being able to be there when my kids are sick or just around when they need me. I'm going to blink and they are going to be all grown up and I will regret that forever.

These little guys make me so happy. Fate has informed me of my new path and its weird that it is exactly a 9 month time frame. A rebirth! Yup. I'm excited. And also, come to my damn fitness classes when I start teaching :-)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Favorites!

Sunday was dedicated to a 3 hour training run on the trails with my dad and husband.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

10 things: Let's Share

Since I always feel like September is a new beginning, let's share, shall we?

10 things you might not know about me: September Edition

1. I used to bite my nails all.the.time. Since I had braces at the ripe old age of 31, and only on the top teeth, my bite doesn't allow me to bite my nails anymore. Problem solved!

2. I love sleep. I mean, LOVE sleep. I go to bed every night super early. I started doing this while the kids were babies and it has carried over. 

3. I have to eat breakfast as soon as I get up (probably because I go to bed so early?) . 

4. I absolutely cannot eat a big meal 2 hours before I got to bed or else I will have horrible stomach problems all night long. Yuck!

5. My husband taught me to play bass and I learned all of his songs in two days. Bass prodigy baby! 

6. I do web based FAQ's on companies websites all over the country as a part time job. I have done over 50 so far! (It's like a little commercial on someone's website)

7. In January of 2014, I will be getting my Fitness Instructor Certification! I can't wait! 

8. I am very attached to my hair and will probably never cut it above my shoulders ever again. I don't even take the time to style my hair everyday and its mostly tied up on the top of my head but I just can't cut it. It's more than half way down my back. 

9. I haven't read a book in years. Every time I try to read, I immediately fall asleep. 

10. I have specific lotions and body washes that are used each's September so all of my fall scents are out.

By the way, My son made it to school today! He was nervous but he stayed brave and got onto the bus. I can't wait to hear all about his first day of kindergarten!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013