Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Countdown to Medved Madness!!

I have a 15 mile trail run coming up on May 6th. These are the things I will change this year:

1. Water Water Water. I, naively, thought that there would be adequate water at the water stops. Nope. Some turds decided to dump the water out of the cooler onto their heads, leaving no
water for anyone to drink. I didn't bring water with me as I ran. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. This year, I will be wearing my camelback with a gatorade mix in it and using the water stops as a supplement. I also became really dehydrated and my legs were cramping badly and still had around 3 miles to go.

2. Don't get lost. Somehow, on the final loop of the run, I missed a marker and went way off the trail path. I ended up running an extra 2 miles on top of the 15 trying to find my way back. This year, I will not get lost!!

3. Snacks as I go. Last year, I was still trying to grasp the whole "adequate water intake" as I run and "what to eat before" and I didn't really think about fueling while I ran. I know that I can easily digest clif gel blocks and clif goo. This basically is just pure carbs. I've been really loving the banana/date combo before runs so I think I'll eat 1-2 bananas and maybe 6 dates a couple hours before and then gel blocks and goo packs as I go. They also offer bananas, cookies, pretzels etc at a few stops during the race. I cant tolerate anything too heavy in my stomach before i run. The night before, we will probably eat some sort of rice or pasta.

4. Get a better "After Pic" this year! Dear God!! Look at me!!! HAHAHA

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