Thursday, May 31, 2012

Run Sara Run

Word of advice; if you think you're shoes are shot, they are shot. Don't try just one more run in them. R.I.P. adidas trailrunners, size 7. My new ones!:

adidas Women's THRASHER TRAIL ShoeThese should be arriving by Friday. I can't wait! Getting new shoes is the BEST. I feel like I'm running on a cloud. The tread looks pretty hardcore on these so I should be flying on the trails.

Last weeks Thursday night trail run was a total bust. I was already thirsty before the run started and it was hot and humid out. Plus, the normal run leader wasn't there for that run so the other guy that lead was way too fast and his trail was disorganized and he didn't stop enough to wait for the people in the back. I ended up walking a lot of the run and then just getting lost in the woods. Fun. Oh and my mild thirst turned into down right dehydration. Blech. Total bust. I still ended up at around 6 miles but there is a HUGE difference between a good 6 and a terrible 6. Tonight,  is the Corporate Challenge (so no Thursday Night Trail Run) but since I'm not part of the Corporate Running World (or actually my company is not into running ) I'm going to run with my dad. I'll end this week with about 35 miles.

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