Thursday, June 28, 2012

Salt! Friend or Foe?

Salt. Friend or Foe? I've been experimenting with lowering my sodium intake quite significantly since sodium intake is linked to high blood pressure/ hypertension. Last Summer, when I was training for the Rochester Marathon, I just kept my sodium intake normal and didn't really think much about it. I think I started this reduced sodium diet around February while also in the midst of increasing mileage and beginning to train for the Mega. The result; is not what I had expected at all. It seems now, that any salt intake immediately results in water weight, bloat and retention that just doesn't go away. I honestly think a low sodium diet and marathon training is not working for me. I'm slowly starting to go back to my normal salt intake and get my body back to being able to process the salt and not bloat me up like a whale. The combination of glycogen storage in my muscles after long runs, bloat from sodium and tired legs is making for one grumpy runner. There is nothing worse than running 40 miles a week and gaining 4lbs of flab, which seems to just love hanging out on my face and abs. Joy! Retention, in any form, is not comfortable. I've increased my sodium intake a little this past week alone and I've already noticed a difference. My sausage fingers are gone!

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