Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Arms a Blazin

Ever been to a Body Pump class? Love it! Bodypump is a full-body workout; a mix of aerobic exercise and weight training. During a 1 hour (or 45 minute) class you will target all your major muscle groups using a barbell, bench and weights. All movement is choreographed to a music track which is especially designed for the classes.

I've been going about twice a week for over a month now. Yesterday, I increased the weight load and my arms are still burning.

I think I'm starting to notice more definition. My main problem with weight lifting on my own is that I don't push myself through and I like the class setting because someone else is counting for me. I just follow the instruction that I am given and it doesn't even really feel like working out. (yea, I cut my head off of that pic...lack of sleep is not an attractive look. I'm happy I even brushed my hair this morning considering how tired I was...somebody in my household has taken up snoring all night as a new, fun hobby)

I've also been doing 3-4 spin classes per week. My gym recently got new spin bikes and they tell you mileage which, is good for people like me who need to know distance. I biked about 26 miles last night in class. Last week, during recovery week from my marathon, I was averaging around 17 miles.

What's on deck for tonight??

awwww yea! Tomorrow, keep an eye out for my "Ode to Spin"

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