Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Ode to Spin and other fun workouts

I've pretty much been obsessed with spin for about a month now. I used to supplement my running with elliptical workouts but switched it up with spin class. The great thing about this indoor cycling class is the fact that everyone can do this. I've seen people in my classes as young as 14 and as old as 70.I should point out that your class experience will depend on your instructor. I have been in classes with instructors who have horrible music and no energy. Ugh. The class drags. I really like three of my current instructors and try not to attend the classes of the other ones. I usually bike about 26 miles per class. I am loving it!

So, this picture here:

yes, that's a head lamp on my head. I did a night time trail run. It was pitch black by the time we started and I would say there were about 15 people running. Running in the dark is weird. It sort of feels like you are dreaming. My dad also attended this run and got lost a few times out in the woods. My word of advice for any night time running, bring a small flashlight too. There were a ton of roots out there in the woods and the combo of head lamp and mini flash light really helped. We did about 5 miles so not too shabby. I did smell skunk...uh....not looking to get sprayed anytime soon so I may have to rethink this nighttime trail run business.

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