Thursday, November 1, 2012

As of late

What's been happening?? I have a 20k race scheduled for Saturday and the weather looks questionable so I am betting on the fact that the trails will be muddy and I'm going to get drenched. I've been sticking with mostly Body Pump and Spinning since I'm pretty burnt out on running right now from training for the Mega.

Things I have been loving lately:

I love the fact that my gym is literally minutes away from my office so I can take Body Pump on Mondays during my lunch break.

I love the fact that my gym offers an AWESOME child watch center and my kids get just as good of a work out as I do.

I love "Spooky Halloween" Spin classes! (I took a few during the week.)

I LOVE Peppermint Mocha Creamer.  Have you ever tried it??? Heaven! I seriously need to stock up because this is seasonal.

I love the fact that I am having Thanksgiving at my house this year. I haven't, however, ever in my life cooked a turkey and can't stand touching raw meat. This will be interesting.

I love the discovery I made that pumpkin cutters are the BEST tool to cutting open all kinds of squash. No more dangerous knife escapades for this lady!

On my agenda for this evening:

Spin at 5pm.  Let's hope I don't encounter the most boring and dry instructor I have ever seen in my life tonight. Seriously, imagine Ben Stein teaching Spin...ugh.

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