Thursday, February 7, 2013

2nd Avatar Shoot!

I just completed my 2nd Avatar shoot!

I need to figure out a way that I can make this/commercial/acting work as my full time job.

We received our grading sheet from the Mind 2 Movie Competition:

I really want to know who Judge #3 is. He/She really gave us some low scores! They obviously have no sense of humor. Judge #4 loved us! I might also add that the top line of scores are scores about the characters in the movie. Krissy Skittlz did great!

Wednesday a.m. spin was a rough one. 4:50am came waaaay too early and I just couldn't get moving. I ended up, somehow, doing a pretty decent work out though. I biked a little over 20 miles and burned 453 calories.

Tonight, I will only have about 45 minutes before Maya's gymnastics class so I'll most likely do intervals of stair climber and "dread"mill.

 I can't believe its only 12:30pm! I'm sooo tired today.

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