Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

Holy Cold!! It's a whopping 12 degrees today...

Friday night, we ventured out across town to have dinner at a restaurant called Prime Steakhouse. I got the Filet Mignon with the Arugula Greens salad and we ordered a flat bread pizza as an appetizer. The "flat bread" pizza came on this very, very thin crispy cracker-like base which was great because I thought we would be served an entire pizza as an appetizer. It had garlic, Fontina, Balsamic Onions and Prosciutto. I ordered the filet medium-well (I can't stand pink in my meat and I had originally ordered it "well" but Pat talked me out of it.) It was fantastic! Also, the Arugula Greens salad is AWESOME! All in all, this was a great dinner and the restaurant is very upscale looking. I had a good time.

Saturday a.m. was another Bikram Yoga class:

I did some research on Bikram and it apparently burns between 500-1000 calories per 90 minute session. I was SORE the next day and really felt it in my abs and legs. I am completely addicted now! This class was completely full to the brim and two women actually left in the middle of the class because the heat became too intense for them. The room was hotter than my previous class and I had a different instructor who didn't hold the poses quite as long.

Sunday a.m. was my usual spin class with Patty; I did manage to get in 10 minutes of Stair Climber before class and biked for one hour during spin, a total of 23 miles and 500 calories burned:

(Blurry pic taken mid warm up!)

That afternoon, my little helper came along for some grocery shopping:

$80 later, we walked out of BJ's Wholesale Club with like 3 items in our cart...atleast we are stocked up on juice boxes!

My daughter had temper tantrums the ENTIRE weekend. Oh my goodness...I am sooooo over them. By Sunday night, I was ready to put my feet up and relax!!

My son had a little bit of a fever yesterday and he said he had a sore throat this morning. Hopefully, it's just a passing bug but we shall see.

Today, I plan on going to Body Pump for a lunch break workout. I am not loving the new tracks but maybe, if i give myself enough time, they will grow on me.

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