Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back from the Brink...

Friday night was the Music4Everyone Benefit Show at Lovin Cup.

The "Vibe Tribe" , Patrick Jaouen and the Cognac's and The Bearfoot Brothers put on a great show! I got to hang out with an old and dear friend:

Hi Corina!!

Saturday morning, we hit up the gym. I ran 3 miles and did 25 minutes on the stair climber:

By mid afternoon, my stomach took a turn for the worse. Pat went down about 3 pm with stomach pains and nausea so I had to stay up the with the kids until bedtime. I managed to hold it together until Ethan finally went to bed and then all hell broke loose. Maya had a stomach bug Thursday night and now, both Pat and I had it. I was basically in and out of the bathroom from 9pm-4am. UGH. So, on Sunday we felt like the walking dead. We couldn't get off the couch and the kids had to basically watch TV all day because we couldn't function.

Monday morning, I felt somewhat better. I actually ate some toast and drank water without a "return" so I headed off to work. Monday nights are swim class for the kids so I took them to the YMCA at 5 pm for swim and then Ethan and I headed off to Bounce it Out for a birthday party. The whole place was shut down just for the party so it was AWESOME! That place can get really crazy and dangerous when older kids are jumping all over the bounce houses and there are smaller kids around. Ethan had a blast!

Seriously, the happiest kid ever! We had a great time.

I'm still doing Bikram once a week. Here's a before and after:

Oh Man was it ridiculously hot last week!!

I also started running again. I did 5 miles yesterday so I plan on slowly upping my weekly mileage as the weeks go on. Rothrock is June 1st!!

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