Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed with These Days

I have found a new bar that I am completely obsessed with!

The Quest Bar has a pretty impressive nutritional profile. The Cinnamon Roll flavor I had this morning had 170 calories, 6 grams of fat, 24 gram of Carbohydrate with 17 of those grams being dietary fiber and 20 grams of protein! There's no sugar or artificial ingredients and all of the bars are gluten free. You can find out more information here.  They are fantastic!

I've also been pretty obsessed with Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed). It can help with weight loss, stimulate the Thyroid Gland, get Candida in check, reduce heart disease, increase immunity and a slew of other health benefits. I've also noticed that my skin is much softer and well hydrated since I've been consuming it. I take in about 3 tsp to 1 full tablespoon a day, depending. Amazon sells a variety of Coconut Oil, just make sure it's not a hydrogenated Coconut Oil.

I will also admit it now, and as I have for the 5 weeks I have been going, I am a complete Bikram Yoga addict! I look forward to the 90 minute sweat session every single week. I think every one should give this a try, at least once.

Also, my veggie of the month has been Broccoli Slaw.

I can't stop eating it. I love to roast it in the oven or cook it in a pan on the stove and put a really good marinara sauce on it with some Parmesan Cheese and hot pepper flakes. Sometimes, I add chicken or other protein. It's a good pasta replacement for me since I hate pasta but love tomato sauce.

As for skincare, I've been using the Body Shop's Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment lotion. This stuff works great if you have oily/combination skin. I've been using it every night for about a month and have noticed that my skin seems to be much more balanced.

On a side note, it snowed this morning....ugh.

I have 7 miles to run today and it looks like I'll be on the dreadmill shortly. Wish me luck!

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