Sunday, January 15, 2012

10K Snow Shoe Race!

Well, I made it! It took me around 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the entire course. These are the shoes I ran in:

It was a chilly 10 degrees today but there was no wind so it was bearable. I basically looked like a marshmallow. I had on running tights underneath my track pants, two pair of socks, one long sleeve tech shirt, a track jacket, a white puffer vest, three pair of gloves, scarf and a hat.

My fingers were so cold at the beginning of the race that they were hurting me but once I got going, they warmed up. The first five minutes of the run, I realized (and rememberd!) how difficult is to run with snow shoes on. My heart was racing and I definately started to feel a little sick to my stomach but it was only because of the intense work my body was suddenly doing. It quickly passed though and once I was fully warmed up, I felt great! The scenery was amazing. We haven't had hardly any snow this year at all so everything finally looked like a winter wonderland.

This was a great work out. I definitely got slightly dehydrated. Remember, that even though its cold outside, you still need to drink adequate water. Sometimes running outside in the cold, we don't realize that we're actually thirsty but you need just as much fluid as during any other workout. Post workout was a nice long shower and some much needed lunch and water. It was nice to be out on the trails today with my dad.There are snow shoe races every Sunday for the next 6 weeks so I may have to do another one.

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