Monday, January 9, 2012

No Excuses!

Yes, that's the phrase of 2012. The Biggest Loser is using that mantra this season as well. This is my work out check in:
yea yea yea...its sideways :-)  I'll get all these kinks worked out as I go. Bottom line is, we're all busy. We all don't have time. We're all tired. We're all sick. blah blah blah. I didn't want to run 4 miles today. I certainly didn't want to run 4 miles yesterday but I stopped my whining and did it. I'm not telling anyone to go from not working out to training for a Megatransect but everyone can walk. Everyone can try to eat better. When I run, I daydream. I think about all sorts of things. Yesterday, I ran outside, which I prefer. The treadmill is just torture for me. I literally have to do every single thing possible in order to distract myself from the fact that I am running on it. I cover the time and miles with a sweatshirt. I listen to dance club music because the quick beats help me keep pace and I don't let myself look at the time or mileage until I've heard 7 songs. That's distraction at its finest. Yesterday was 28 degrees and overcast but for January, it's like heaven. The first mile is usually the time my brain tries to convince my body to stop running. "You're really tired" "What good is this 4 mile run gonna do anyway? You could get away with 2" "You have a million other things to do today" I keep running. Shut up brain. After around 2 miles, some sort of lovely chemical washes over my head and I sort of have an out of body experience. It feels like my body is no longer connected to my head and I don't feel the tired muscles anymore. I'm just a conscience floating around the street. Ah, the Runners High. It's legit. Then I start thinking. Sunday's thoughts involved a lot of "life thoughts". I know that the only person you can truly count on in life is yourself. You are the only one that will look out for your best interest and you are the only one that can take steps forward to accomplish what you want. My run mimicked this basic concept. Each step I took, was once step closer to my goal and to accomplishment. I stopped whining. I ignored my own negativity. I finished what I started. No Excuses!!

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