Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nike +

You all know that  me and the treadmill have a hate/hate relationship.  I am an outdoor runner through and through but I also hate running when I don’t know how far I’ve actually traveled.  The Nike + was the perfect solution for me.
It consists of a sensor and sportband. The Sportband consists of two parts: a rubber holding strap which is worn around the wrist, and the receiver which resembles a USB key-disk. After a run, the receiver can be plugged straight into a USB port and the software will upload the run information automatically to the Nike+ website.  Nike sells shoes that the sensor can be placed right into or you can get a sensor holder that velcros right to your shoe laces. You can keep track of your run and new goals on the Nike + Website. You can also compete against other people which makes it really fun.

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