Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keep at it!

Ah yes...the "boring 4". I made it! A typical week right now is one long run on the weekend, one day of weights and abs and three days of 4 mile runs during my lunch break. I've been taking Wednesday and Saturday as rest days. As I get farther into my training, my long runs will get longer but my lunch hour runs will stay the same. Does that seem like alot to you? I assure you that its not and its not at all a hassle to my day to day routine. It's just a nice part of it :-)

A good tip for keeping at your fitness and nutrition is to keep a log or diary of what you do and eat each day. That way you can see how your nutritional profile stacks up. I recommend cronometer. It's really easy to navigate and breaks down your daily nutrition right down to the last macro-nutrient. There is also a complete user guide on the website so you will be able to navigate easily and efficiently.This is especially important if you really have no clue what nutritional content are in the foods you eat. Be honest with your food tracking too! That way you can really see what you consume in a day and where you need to improve. I know a big downfall of mine is to take bites of my kids leftovers. (or eat almost half a sandwich off their plates if its left over!). That, in itself, might not sound like a lot but if you add that into the rest of your food intake for the day, it can quickly add up.In order to lose weight, you need to create a deficit and if you're honest with yourself and track accurately, you might realize that you are eating way more than you thought you actually were.

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