Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Are you really comfortable in your own skin? If not, why not? Are you
hiding behind a mask and not really being who you are? It amazes me
the amount of information that we find out about people in the public
eye as their lives become on display. Maybe we need to understand that
there is no "perfect" person. We are all human and if you strip away
the masks, we're not very different, fundamentally speaking. Our basic
needs are the same; food, shelter, warmth, sleep. Think about a
newborn baby. Those are the basic human needs for a newborn.

I was thinking this morning about the ritual of putting on makeup. I
know people who won't even leave their houses without their make up
on. Don't get me wrong. I love my makeup but I am completely
comfortable without it. I find it hysterical that going through the
grocery check out line, there's actually pictures on the front of
tabloids with big bold headlines "Stars without Makeup!" Oh the
humanity! The HORROR! You mean to tell me that those people
(underneath the makeup, behind the re-touched photos and the perfect
lighting) have pimples and dark under eye circles??? No. No! How could
that be??? You mean to tell me that underneath their masks, they're
just like everyone else?

Yes, boys and girls. Prepare yourself, I am about to SHOCK and AMAZE.
This is me with no makeup:

And guess what? I'll go out like that any day of the week. I don't
care what people think of me. Why are we so obsessed with creating masks for ourselves and why do we care so much what other people think? Your focus should be to be the best YOU that you can be. There will always be someone that you perceive to be smarter, wealthier, more attractive, more successful. Believe in you and shift that negative focus into something positive. Come to terms with who you are and don't keep hiding behind your masks. THIS IS YOUR SHOW! Make it happen for you! Today, I keep my thoughts positive. Will you do the same??

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