Monday, April 8, 2013

A Show, Some Spring and a Body Pump Class

Friday night, we played a show at Lovin Cup. (Btw, did you know that I play bass??)

We had a special musical guest help us out: hair is a disaster in this pic. What is going with it?? Ew. Definitely time for a trim!

Pat was at Acme Recording Studio Saturday morning so I decided to get my butt to a Body Pump class. I haven't been in a few weeks because I really hated the last release that came out. This class, however, was fantastic since the instructor mixed everything up with old and new stuff. My arms were on fire!!

This class is no joke and you will see results!

Sundays spin class was great. If I had even a fraction of the energy that Patty has...

Spring time has finally sprung here!! I had to be outside on Sunday so we biked, walked, ran and played at the playground:

(Hi there sideways Ethan...ugh)

I'm looking forward to many many more warm and sunny weekends ahead!!

Today's work out will be another Body Pump class during my lunch break. I'm thinking of switching up my work out routine to :

2 days strength training (Body Pump)
1 day Bikram
3 days running or spin
1 rest

I've been doing 1 day strength training, 1 day Bikram and 4 days cardio. Let's give this new routine a try!

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