Monday, April 22, 2013

My First Running Award!

I am so excited to have this little beauty sitting on my dresser right now:

It really reiterates my current training plan which includes speed work, cross training and weights is really paying off.

I ran a nice long run with my dad on Sunday morning. We began at around 7:30 am and finished about 3 hours later. However, the mileage is up for debate. My nike+ clocked me in at 14.96 miles while my dad's Garmin clocked him in around 12 miles. How can we be off by over 2 miles?? I swear my nike+ is accurate and my dad said he is going to test his Garmin out tonight at the track to see if it's off.

I still want to start putting some money aside to get the Polar Ft40F Women's Heart Rate Monitor . I'm so interested to see how many calories I burn during Body Pump and my other cardio work outs that aren't running.

My new fitness goals currently are to build more muscle and increase running endurance and speed. Do you have goals you are working on?

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