Monday, October 21, 2013

ACE Group Fitness Instuctor manual

So, I told my husband all about the stuff I'm reading about in my textbook. Everything from ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to the basic organization of the Nervous System. Chapter 1 is all about exercise physiology. I'm a total geek. Next chapter is fundamentals of anatomy.

 Saturday, I got my hair did! I'm so bad about keeping up with color growing out. My highlights were a good inch and half grown and I decided to just get an all-over color. My hair is actually a pretty boring darker brown so I went with a lighter, honey brown coloring.

No matter what color I do with my hair, it always takes me a good week to get used to it. This isn't even that drastic of a difference but I'm still not loving it yet. I'll get there.It's a little more reddish that I'm used to.

I went to Body Pump today during my lunch break sporting my extremely bright shoes and bright orange shirt.

My daughter has a cold and she kept me up all night. I'm dragging today. Mondays are always tough for me. I am, however, glad that I got my work out over with for today and don't have to think about it after work.

I'm still going back and forth over my plans. Honestly though, I've been back to work full time for about 4 years. I pay quite a bit for daycare as it is plus preschool so I'm really not making that much money to begin with. I was waiting for the time to come when both kids would be in school full time and then I'd actually have some money in my bank account. All I do is pay for daycare, preschool and bills. Since my sitter is retiring, the summer would become a financial burden to me now. I'm nervous for my plans and it's so odd because it's not like I have the job of my dreams or anything. I'm just tired. I rush rush rush in the morning to drop my kids at other places so I can sit in an office by myself I can't make friends here...everyone is about 50 years older than me. The days drag something awful. I'm ready to move on. Seriously ready so why the heck am I nervous?? My husband made a statement about how little our day to day occurrences matter in the grande scheme of things, like the earth is some tiny little blip in the universe and how what we do, on the scale of the entire universe, doesn't make a difference. I guess we should do what makes us happy then. We only have so much time as a tiny blip in space.

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