Tuesday, October 29, 2013

20k, ok!

Hello Friends! I have a 20k trail race this weekend and I'm thinking it might be a bit chilly. I've run this particular run before with a time of 2 hours and 14 mins. It's roughly 12.4 trail miles ( meaning it will be slightly more than that). I'm excited to see what time I get this year.

Mondays work out was Body Pump (eh, sideways pic) and let me tell you, I did a leg work out over the weekend with my husband and they were not ready for the lunge track in the new Body Pump release. With that bit of info, I'm sure it's not surprising that my lunch time work out today sucked! My legs are Tired. I'm really hoping they bounce back by Saturday. 

Do you ever get afternoon slumps? I get them every.single.day. If only I had George Constanza's napping desk. Remember that episode in Seinfeld? Genious!

I have a 6 miler coming up on Thanksgiving day and another 5 miler on Black Friday. I'm trying to squeeze out a few more runs in my trail runners before they are retired. 

Are you planning on running a Turkey Trot? I love getting in a good work out on Thanksgiving. My dad and I usually team up and try to win the "father/daughter" category. One of these years we are totally going to win!

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