Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More sick cooties!

My daughter has croup. My son had that about three weeks ago and it's now going around the in-home day care that my daughter goes too. I have no sick time left at work so I had to drag her into my office at 7:30 am and wait until the Dr's office opened at 8:30 am. 

My sick baby at work! This is another major reason why my plans for June just make sense. Why should I have to bring a sick child into work just because I don't have enough sick time? 

Our appointment was at 10:45am and we were told that she does indeed have croup. We were given a prescription for a mild steroid for her to take for three days (to bring down the swelling around the larynx) and use a humidifier, drink liquids and rest. 

This is what's currently going down:

Poor kid. 

I was pretty much up all night long with her. I'm exhausted. I'm drinking a cup of pumpkin spice coffee because I have to go pick up Ethan shortly. Oh pillow, I'll see you soon! 

Tomorrow, I plan on diving head first into Chapter 2 of my Fitness Instructor Manual. I really want to read the entire textbook before the class starts in January and I have a nice long two and a half month window of time to grasp all of the terminology. My goal is to ace this course and be offered a job right away. I mentioned to someone in my Body Pump class that I was taking the course in January and she  said that I would be awesome at teaching Body Pump. Yup. Spin, Body Pump, Trx, Cxworx etc. I would love to get some HIIT classes going at the YMCA too. I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to teach Step but I'll give it a wurl. I would also love to do a couch to 5k program there. I wonder if I could pitch the idea to them? I can't wait to get out of my little office where I sit and waste hours of my life. That's just not me. It's time for movement!

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