Thursday, October 17, 2013

New kicks and a new book

Well hello there!

I've been up since 4:50am and boy, am I feeling it! I went to Body Pump this morning and as soon as I get into the studio, get all of my equipment set up, I realize that I have my work out pants on inside was blatantly obvious since my pants were black with big purple stripes down the sides and the stitching came together on the sides of my legs. Ugh. Just one of those mornings.

The class was great though. Those lunges are a killer!! 

I received my textbooks for my Instructor Course that begins in January so I do what all geeks do, I crack that book open already and get reading.

I started taking notes already and watching some videos on Youtube about ATP and the Muscular System. I've been at today since 7:45am and it's now after 1 pm. I think I can take a break!

During my lunch break, I stopped into Kohls since I had a 30% off coupon and bought the brightest running shoes ever:

Do you think they're bright enough?? Ha. I've become hopelessly obsessed with brightly colored work out clothes and shoes. 

And, on a random side note, I received some mineral pigment powder eye shadow from from Younique Products. These are AMAZING! The color lasts all day and is very concentrated. They are "100% natural, chemical-free, mineral-based pigment powders, free of talc, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and parabens." I highly recommend them if you are looking to try out some new makeup. 

Ok, back to the books! Have a great day!

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