Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

BGood morning all! I have to admit that the dark mornings are starting to affect me already. I've already started to up my vitamin d levels and I hope it starts to kick in.

Yesterday was a rest day. I did three pretty intense workouts from Friday-Sunday and my body just wanted to rest so I did. I keep forgetting that I just did an ultra two weeks ago!

Nice medal, huh?

Friday was Spin but the Body Guard was out so we had a sub. I'm not going to lie, the Subs music was waaaaaayyyy better. The Body Guard has pretty bad taste in music but his actual rides are tough so I deal.

Saturday, I wanted to go to Body Pump and I noticed that they offered a Spin class beforehand so I decided to double up. Whelp, the Instructor was terrible! The acoustics in this particular YMCA were awful and I couldn't hear her or the music . Body Pump, however, was excellent! Have you done the new release?? Those lunges are a killer!! I'm doing them with about 40lbs on my barbell. 

This is my normal set up. That weight is my warm up weight. 

Spin was meh.

Sunday, I did Patty's Spin class and my legs were tired!! I don't usually do Spin three days in a row but that's just how it ended up unraveling this week.

I have a 20K coming up November 2nd and I can't wait to get back out on the trails!

Do you have any races coming up? I'm still adjusting to this non-training mindset and it's definitely a challenge. I keep thinking I have to do this and that and I had each day mapped out but now, it's pretty much just what I feel like doing at the gym for the remainder of this year, anyway.

I'm heading out shortly to do a lunch time work out. I"m thinking elliptical today. Did you watch the new season of the Biggest Loser??!

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