Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to the Pump!

I actually made it to a Body Pump class on Saturday at 11:35am! They are onto a whole new track and silly me decided to pile on the weights even though I hadn't been to a class in like a month.

I can barely lift my arm into that position...uh...ouch! It was good to get a whole body muscle work out in because it's hard for me to get motivated about lifting weights.

Saturday night, we watched "Oceans Eleven" and drank some of our fave:

I also made a banana bread:

(which may or may not have been completely consumed in one day...we are banana bread loving people!)

We also restocked our pantry with a whole slew of non-perishable items and I was instructed by Pat that we need to put canned peas in as much as possible before they go bad. This is what I'm working with people:

Looks like this week is gonna be filled with butter beans and peas. We've had two meals this past weekend that had both in it. Any suggestions for these remaining cans??

Sunday a.m., we finally made it to Patty's spin class. My legs were ridiculously sore from Body Pump, as well as my arms, so this class was no joke! Everything was on fire but I did a decent work out.

We came home from the "Y", showered, ate some lunch and then headed out to Maya's friends birthday party at Adventure Landing. I was basically trapped in this ball shooting area for 2 hours:

Doesn't it look like a Dr. Seuss book?? The kids ate way too much sugar and had a lot of fun. Maya fell asleep on the ride home.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Come on down to Boulder Coffee and give this guy a listen!

It's only 8 am right now and so far I am :

We shall see how the day unravels!

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