Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New You!

I took today off from work so I would have two short weeks in a row. It feels nice to be home. I'm sitting on the couch right now, relaxing with a this:

It's a pomegranate seltzer with a splash of apple juice. Soooo good! Seltzer has seriously helped me curb my diet Pepsi addiction. Ethan's at school and Maya is up in her room, not napping, but reading some books and having "quiet time". I'm pretending that I am rich and don't work :-) AND I may or may not have a mask on my face right now AND Kitchen Nightmares may or may not be on my TV.

After a morning of lazy children:

We headed over the "Y" for some exercise:

Today's work out:

22 minute treadmill run on level 7(8:40 per mile) and level 7.5 (8 minutes per mile) for a total of 2.5 miles.

25 minutes Stair Climber

10 minutes Elliptical

So a few minutes under an hour. I would  normally have gone to Patty's spin class at 5:30 am but I was off of work and didn't want to get up.

I really need to start going back to Body Pump and the only way I will do it, is if I go at 11 am on Mondays during my lunch break. Ethan begins swim class next Monday and Maya will have gymnastics on Thursday nights so I will have to do at least 2 lunch time work outs during the week.

New Year's Day was when the sign up for the 2013 Megatransect began. The site crashed right at 12 noon when the registration opened and after 2.5 frustrating hours, Pat, my dad and myself finally registered. We joked that we just spent all that time being angry and annoyed to go to an ultra marathon and have the shit kicked out of us. I guess we're martyrs! This year's Mega is on September 28, 2013.

Also on the pipe this year, is the Rothrock Challenge on June 2, 2013. This is an 18 miler trail run that is the little brother to the Mega. I'll have to start my training regime in March. I'm planning on incorporating spin into my schedule since there are such intense hill climbs during both of these races.

Something isn't sounding so kosher up in Maya's sort of sounds like she is out of her bed?? kicking the wall??? I better go check!

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