Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Don King?

My alarm went off at 4:50am today. First thought Coffee. (oh and pee) but mostly COFFEE. I was out the door by 5 am. Wednesday is Patty's spin class and is always a mad dash to get a spot.

Crowd outside the "Y":

There were about 40 people in line just to get in. Are we crazy or what? ha!

The mad dash inside:

Run Sara Run!

1 hour spin class, 23 miles, 517 calories burned. Work out done for the day by 6:30 am!

By the way, last night, Pat was editing some video for work:

Doesn't this recorder look like Don King??

What do you think?


Clearly separated at birth!

Work mood so far:

(but not about work stuff)

Also, a brief P.S.A. before I'm off:


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