Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I've got Soul but I'm not a Soldier

That line was from one of the songs at spin this a.m. I believe its from "All These Things That I've Done"  by The Killers. It was a freakin awesome class. Do you ever have certain people in your life , whether just acquaintance or friend, that just put you in a great mood because you can feed off of their energy? Well, that's Patty and that's the reason I get up at 4:50 am every Wednesday!

However, this work week is dragging and today, I am feeling:

Wasn't I just here like yesterday?? Oh yea, I was.

This week is the 72 hour Mind to Movie Challenge hosted by the Rochester Movie Makers. Thursday night, they will release the requirements for the 5 minute movie and then each of the 15 teams has 72 hours to write, film and edit the movie by Sunday. We are entered so Thursday night will be writing, Friday night will be filming and Saturday will be editing. Oh and Pat is also recording an album on Friday and Saturday so we shall see how this all unfolds!

On another note, some people in Spin this morning were talking about Lance Armstrong doing an interview with Oprah. I just don't see the point of him doing this. Isn't he just digging a deeper hole?? What do you guys think?

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