Saturday, December 1, 2012

A bathroom for me, a bathroom for you

The wine tasting last night was great! It was held at a local establishment called Four Seasons Spirits & Wine Cellar, Inc. There were about 23 different tables that represented different wineries and distributors. I had ALOT of tastes and the place was packed. Before we left the house :

I didn't take any pictures at the tasting because, to be perfectly honest, I was overwhelmed with the choices (i.e. tipsy) and was just having fun. We stayed for about an hour and then headed to Trata for dinner. Some points of interest at the tasting:

Swedish Hill Winery- I tasted the Svenska Red and Svenska White. Both were sweet but not overly so.

Coyote Moon Winery- Every time they poured a tasting, they howled like coyotes. It was pretty funny and I sampled the Razzle Dazzle which I had noticed on the shelves a few weeks back and was curious about. It was a very crisp, sweet wine made with raspberry's.

Glenora Winery- The sweeter wines at this table included the Jammin Red, Cranberry Chablis and the Raspberry Spumante. I didn't care for the Raspberry Spumante but the Cranberry Chablis was fantastic! It reminded me of Thanksgiving.

I also tried something called Rum Chata and thought it was awesome! It tasted like a gingerbread cookie mixed with a sugar cookie and rum. It's definately quite sweet and something that you could probably only drink a small amount of at any given time.

We arrived at Trata at 7:30 pm. I asked the waitress where the bathroom was once we were seated at our table and she said, "It's right across from the stairs." Um...OK, I HAD noticed that bathroom but the sign on the outside of it said "unisex bathroom"...well, when in Rome I guess. I opened the bathroom door to two men leaving. Granted, they did have stalls in their with doors that you can close but this unisex bathroom deal is not for me.

We both ended up ordering the tenderloin dinner but subbed out the mashed potato (I HATE mashed potato). My dinner was just OK. The restaurant was really dark and loud. My tenderloin was charred and over cooked and Pat also thought his dinner was just OK. The actual restaurant, however, was really modern looking and had three levels with bars on each level. Maybe next time though, just apps and wine I'm thinking.

This morning, I overslept and missed spin so I did a 4.5 mile run outside in 26 degrees. Today's juice contained lemon, spinach, carrot, cucumber and celery. Delish!

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