Monday, December 24, 2012

'Tis the season!

Happy Christmas Eve! I am, hopefully, being let out of work at around 1pm today. Tonight, we are going to my mom's house for Christmas Eve and then we will be at Pat's parents house tomorrow for Christmas. Pat's two brothers, Chris and Dan,  and my sister-in-law Joanna are here for the next few days so we made sure to stock up our wine fridge accordingly:

(We actually have more bottles on a small wooden wine rack on the counter too.)

Friday night, we watched Alien vs Predator Requiem. It was HORRIBLE but we made fun of the entire movie with our friend Dave so it wasn't a total bust. We enjoyed:

It was an awesome spread of brie, feta, olives, carrots, tzatziki, a spicy pepperoni, prosciutto, crackers and organic wheat bread. Those cookies are home made by a 94 year old Italian woman and they were AMAZING!

Dave drank:

While we drank:

This wine was just OK. I saw it in the liquor store after reading about it on Stuft Mama's blog. I bought it in the white instead of the red that Kristin purchases and like I said, it was just OK. We finished it off and opened a Red Newt Cellar white that we love.

I also received a shipment of business cards on Friday! What do you think??

I'm totally going to start leaving these random places to get more traffic to the blog.

Confession time; I drank quite a bit of wine on Friday night and actually sweated it out on the treadmill Saturday...Pat said he could smell the wine on me. Yikes! I ran 7 miles and sweated waaaaay more than normal. I felt fine, albeit thirsty. Friday night definitely wasn't overkill by any means; I just love wine.

I did happen to try out the Chocolate Cherry Gel Bloks that Clif Bar sent me. I ate three before my run and  I'm not sold on this flavor. It was gummy texture with chocolate flavoring and I found it to be quite strange. It did, however, have the same awesome effect as the other Gel Bloks as far as energizing me but I wouldn't personally choose this flavor myself.

On Friday, I purchased Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray and I have only been using for the past two days and so far, I am really impressed! I didn't have to use my oil blotting papers at all the entire weekend. I can't wait until the Smash Box Anti-Shine shows up. I am really hoping that these two products will get this oil under control. If you're lucky enough not to have oily skin, you probably have no clue as to why oily skin is such a bother. Just imagine how gross your skin feels in the summer time when it's humid out and your makeup practically slides off of your face. I have this all of the time, every day, with a super shiny face to boot.

Sunday, we went to Patty's spin class at 10:15am. My legs were pretty tired from running on Saturday but I managed to do a pretty good ride. We got there a little early and I ended up biking about an hour and ten minutes and rode 25 miles, burning 578 calories. I was ready for lunch!! We went to a local restaurant called The Peppermill. I got the "Polo Greco" (my usual) which is a massive Greek salad with  chicken, feta, olives, pepperoncini, tomato, cucumber, pita and Greek dressing. So good!! (no pic because I scarfed this bad boy down like there was no tomorrow!) I also ate most of the turkey off of Ethan's sandwich and Maya's grilled cheese crust...and we may have also ordered two slices of pie for the table to share :-) (oh, and I should mention that I had some snacks while Pat was in the shower, before we went to lunch. I had a clementine, some olives, a piece of prosciutto and some nibbles off of a chocolate mint cookie) That's one of the awesome benefits of a hard core work out, you can feast afterwards and you deserve it!

Monday a.m., I headed to the Y before work since Pat is off and I wanted to get my work out in before they close at 2pm. I was going to do intervals and some weights but I saw that there was a spin class at 5:30am and somehow found myself in the class because it was a new instructor. Good  music, meh instructor but my work out is done!

Have a fantastic day!

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