Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lunch is on us

You know what tastes better than lunch? Free lunch of course! I was given $20 by my company to get lunch. Sweet! Since I was up at 4:50am on Wednesday and did 1 hour of spin (burned 478 calories and biked 21.5 miles), I was super hungry. I did eat breakfast but it never lasts long and if I don't eat a snack by 10 am, I have to eat lunch at 11am or I start to gnaw my own arm off.

I had a couple of errands to run on my lunch break so I stopped in at Wegmans to get some grub from the salad and food bars. This was my concoction:

It was much bigger than it looks here but it had:

-romaine lettuce (there was no spring mix!? the horror!)
-grape tomato
-broccoli salad
-herbed tofu
-garbanzo beans
-Bourbon chicken
-a scoop of summer chicken salad
-4 small shrimp from the Chinese food bar

This salad weighed out to over $10! I devoured it. I love, no LOVE salad. Ask anyone that knows me. I love how crunchy it is and that every single bite is different. I love that there are 1,000's of different combos you can do so no salad is ever the same. I also love the fact that you can eat a ton of it and you don't feel heavy or weighed down.Yes, there was quite a lot of protein on my salad. Every one is different but I found that in my particular case, protein is where it's at. If I eat a high carb or sugar breakfast, I am shaky and starving just a couple of hours later (which is why I hate pancakes). I always eat protein at breakfast. I don't, personally, find carbs to be filling. Protein takes much longer to break down and my body just thrives on it. I do not, however, follow a low carb diet at all. I just get the majority of my carbs from fruit or vegetable sources. It works for me.

I also had this to drink:

Yum! This stuff is bubbly naturally from the ingredients so it's a good replacement for diet soda (my vice!).

I also had one of these as dessert:

Oh man, these are good!

I also had a few extra minutes Wednesday morning before I left for work and "gold dusted" my eyes:

I generally am too tired to care what my makeup looks like at work but I've been obsessed lately with watching makeup tutorials on Youtube so I want all new professional makeup (hint hint). Oh, and professional make up brushes too :-) AND since we're on the subject, I could use all new face cleansing products (preferably stuff to deal with my oily skin.)

Anyway, Thursday night, I will be doing intervals. I'm assuming the usual which is:

20 minute treadmill run
20 minute stair climber
20 minute elliptical

I get the treadmill run out of the way first! zzzzzzz It's almost Friday and I get out early! What are you planning on doing today for exercise?

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