Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I have a 3 year old!

Wow. I can't believe my daughter turned 3 years old yesterday! Seriously, it's been a total blur.

Here's a cute video I found hiding out on my phone:

Yes, I'm one of those moms who made my kids learn their ABC's and how to count from 1 year old . It has paid off. Ethan was the only kid in his class last year that could spell his name. Maya has a bit of a lazy streak in her and says writing her name "makes her sleepy", as well as cleaning up her toys and eating her dinner. I had Maya when Ethan was only 18 months old so I came home from the hospital to complete chaos and madness. I have still not recovered from the 5 years of no sleep and I doubt I ever will. I absolutely HATE being woken up now...and I mean HATE but, these two little people are awesome!

I heard people say to me that you will be so excited when they start to talk and then wish they never started talking. Are they nuts?? Have they had conversations with their kids? The stuff my little people say amazes me. I love hearing their reasoning for things and I often ask them how stuff works to see what they say. For example, I asked Ethan the other day, "If Santa stops at every house in the entire world, how does he fit all of those cookies in his belly?". Ethan thought for a moment and said matter-of-factly, " He just really likes cookies and when you really like something, you can make it work." Touche!

He also asked me this morning on our ride to daycare, "Mommy, how do the lights work?" I told him they are powered by electricity but he wanted to know how it actually lit up. I told him we can research that tonight when we get home. I can't believe that just 4.5 years ago, he was a tiny baby.

Last night, I just wanted to do a little bit of cardio and weights so I brought the kids to the Y. My daughter is finally old enough to enter the "Mystery Cavern" and she was so excited. Unfortunately, most of the tv's in the cardio area were tuned to the news and stories of Newtown, CT. It was literally making me sick to my stomach so I got off after 20 minutes. I don't want to sound preachy but, you better believe if my own kid was hunkered down in my basement addicted to "Call of Duty" and obsessed with guns and obviously had issues, I would be doing something about it. This article is chilling:


One of the children that survived ( a 6 year old) played dead in the classroom and then ran from the school covered from head to toe in blood. I am speechless.

I didn't stay long at the Y and decided to go home and spend time with my little people which put a little good back into my aching soul. I fear for the state of this world.

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