Friday, December 28, 2012

Feeling Managerial

Ever have one of those days at work that make you want to haul ass in the opposite direction and never return? Oh yes, that was yesterday. All I have to say is come 12 noon today, I'm out like trout.

Last night, was the XFest at the California Brew Haus. It was mostly hip hop music performed by local talent with a little bit of Patrick Jaouen mixed in.

Warming up:


(Isn't that the same thing??)

CD's for sale!

In the crowd, listening to the other performers:

The music was LOUD and , unfortunately, I had a work related migraine but I managed to survive :-)

Friday a.m. was the usual spin class but, again, the Body Guard was out sick so we had a sub. Shannon was decent (she's only been teaching for 4 months) and I think if she added a little more energy, she could be really good. I biked 21 miles in 1 hour and burned 478 calories.

Today, I am feeling:

(but only until 12 noon)

Happy Friday!

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