Monday, December 31, 2012

Sushi and snow

Well, we definitely got a nice snow dump this weekend. It's a regular old winter wonderland out there!

Friday night's movie was "Bruno"with Sacha Baron Cohen. I thought it was pretty funny and sometimes, especially after a rough work week, a stupid comedy and some wine is just what the doctor ordered! We had a new one:

This was delicious! It had hints of vanilla and honey and I highly recommend it. This will make a reappearance.

Saturday, I went to 9am spin and had the same instructor from Friday a.m. spin as a sub. I'm liking her style more and more as I go. She did a 6 minute climb in the middle of the workout that was intense. She had us put the resistance up as high as we could and climb in position 3 for the entire song. It was very meditative. I just let my mind wander as my legs did the work. I ended up biking 23 miles in an hour and burned 578 calories.

The little people slept over Grandma's house Saturday night so we met up with Dave and went to Osaka Sushi. They have an "All-You-Can-Eat" deal for $19.95 and its not a buffet (which scares the hell out of me because God only knows how long stuff has been sitting out...). At Osaka Sushi, you actually just keep ordering off of the menu and they make each item to order. We ordered ALOT:

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Octopus and Salmon hand roll, Spicy Tuna hand roll, eel and avocado roll, spicy tuna roll, udon noodles with chicken (and one with beef), California roll, chicken and beef skewers, a volcano roll...and more! Everything tasted really good and we definitely got our moneys worth!

After dinner, we headed over to Blu Bar and Grill for a few drinks. It has a nice city atmosphere and the whole place donned in blue lighting but, unfortunately, it was not very busy for a Saturday night so we quickly finished our drinks and headed over to Jeremiah's Tavern where I decided to do a social experiment with the Juke Box. I put on the most random array of music:

1. Phil Collins- In the air tonight
2. Psy- Ghangum Style
3. Snow- Informer
4. Pink- Blow me another kiss

There were 3 others that fell into the techno, oldies and hip hop category but I can't remember? It was hilarious to see people's faces as each song came on. One girl kept saying, "Who put this on??". Watching people can be quite amusing.

I slept in until 8:30am on Sunday morning. That's really sleeping in for me! Unfortunately, the entire driveway was covered in snow again and Pat and I spent 1.5 hours shoveling before we met my dad to go snow shoeing.

Exercise for Sunday was 1 hour of intense, hilly snow shoeing with Pat and Pops. (plus shoveling!) so sorry Patty! I'll be at spin next week!

By the way, Santa put this stuff in Pat's stocking:

Nothing healthy about this stuff but, boy is it good! It has the same consistency as peanut butter but it's a cookie spread made from those buttery, graham-esque cookies called Biscoff.  Oh man! You must try it!!

I also received my Smash Box Anti-Shine finally! I think I may have just found the perfect combo for my skin. This Smash Box combined with the Urban Decay De-Slicker and my face after almost 8 hours wearing both:

No oil!! Happy Days!

Monday a.m., I went to spin and biked 21 miles in 55 minutes and only burned 458 calories. Any New Year's Eve plans? We're keeping it low key and hanging with the kids tonight. Happy New Year to everyone!

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