Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'twas the day after Christmas and the house was a wreck...

I feel bad for the garbage men come next Monday...So, how was every one's holiday?? We began the festivities Monday evening at my mothers' house. She had about 14 people over and enough food for about 100. ha ha. Seriously, I thought you told me you were having just munchies mom??

I ate my weight in shrimp. I don't eat it very often but when it's available and it's good, I'm pretty much a vacuum. The spread:

There was also a massive pan of baked ziti and sausage and peppers.

A little bit of vino:

My empty glass :-)


The wee ones sitting for 5 minutes so I could shove some dinner into them (reluctantly):

Party Hats!

and some presents:

and a bit of mass hysteria :-)

We came home around 8pm, put out cookies and carrots out for Santa and the Reindeer and hung out with Chris, Joanna and Dan until the wee hours of the morning.

We may have imbibed in a little of:

and maybe some of this:

I've got to say, Christmas morning came a little too soon for me. At least, the kids let us sleep in until 7:30am and what do you know! Santa did come!

Round Two!

We hung around the house until a little after noon and headed over to Pat's parents house. We had a brunch/lunch.. Good food ( also a TON of it) and some more Christmas cheer:

 Christmas Evening, we ordered Chinese food around 6 pm and watched movies at my house with :

(Uncle Chris, Aunt Jo and Uncle Dan...Hi Guys!)

I did check out my "skin situation" at around 3pm Christmas Day and I don't see any oil here, do you?

work in progress!

No work out Christmas Day, Tuesday is usually a rest day anyway.

I did, however, do 7 miles on the "dread mill" today at 12noon:

and there is waaaay to much candy in this house right now!!

But, I'm just sitting down to lunch now so hopefully, I'll be nice and full of  healthy things and won't want to eat any candy. Only time will tell!

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  1. Good food..great peeps...good mini vacay.....thanks for all the wine :):)hope we see you before next Xmas!!