Monday, December 10, 2012

Sugar Rush

Well, there ended up being two people in my household, my son and my husband, who got strep throat on Friday! Pat was incapacitated for most of the weekend and my son, even with the sore throat, didn't seem too bad. He only had a mild fever on Friday but after his first dose of antibiotic, felt much better Saturday morning when he woke up. My babysitter said that three of her granddaughters had strep throat once and it ended up heading down south. Is that possible?? Yikes!! I guess viruses can travel. My throat is sore today...

Saturday morning was Breakfast with Santa so, the kids and myself headed over to Ethan's elementary school where we met one of the grandma's (i.e. my mom). The kids indulged in a "healthy" spread of dougnuts, bagels and chocolate milk:

See Ethan back there talking to one of the grandma's? Wonder what he's talking about...

Smile Ethan! Nope, not a chance!

Ethan got quite nervous when he went up to meet with Santa and his little face turned bright red.

but Maya was all smiles:

After meeting with the "Big Man", we headed over to the Y. While the kids played in the childcare area, (Ethan had no fever and was past the contagious stage) I did 20 minute treadmill run, 25 minute stair climber on level 10 and 10 minutes on the elliptical on level 5. I found that this was actually a pretty decent work out and I think I might incorporate doing more cardio circuits like this. I watched the latest "Kitchen Nightmares" episode while on the stair climber and the elliptical. Is anyone else obsessed with Gordan Ramsey?? He's scary but I can't stop watching his shows!

Pat slept for most of Saturday and I re-washed the sheets and tried to keep the little people occupied. We made gingerbread cookies, ate lunch and went grocery shopping. I honestly can't remember if anyone napped...I'm assuming no since they never nap for me! I did, finally, get a little peace after the kids went down for the night and I headed out to the mall. Cabin fever, baby!! I HAD to get out of my house.

Sunday morning was the usual:

Patty's class was full, as usual and as you can see, I have ticket #2 because I stalk the front desk. 6 people were turned away last week!

Sunday night was the big 60th birthday party for the other grandma (i.e. my mother-in-law). The party was at Davinci .

The table:

The little people:

The grub:

 That was Chicken Davinci. I think the menu description was much better than what was served. This kind of reminded me of a Chinese dish except with two huge chunks of chicken instead of smaller strips. We also shared (as a table) fried calamari and escarole with beans.

Cake time!

Sugar High Maya!!

I was completely exhausted by 8pm and I think I passed out during the Simpsons. Body Pump today at 11am!

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