Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Living in Midnight

I think the earlier sunsets are finally catching up to me. I swear it was already getting dark at 4pm yesterday when I was leaving work but the whole day was dreary and grey so I felt like I was living in midnight. I'm soooooo glad that we still don't have any snow yet (knock on wood!).

I headed to the gym right after work yesterday and was on the stair climber by 4:15pm:
Sorry for the blurry pic! It's hard to keep steady on level 18. I did 30 minutes on the stair climber followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical. I've gotten so used to doing a full hour of cardio that I don't even really think about it anymore. Spin is an hour and I used to run on the treadmill for an hour to see how many miles I could get in that time frame. I'm so over the treadmill. We have broken up for the time being.

When I arrived home, I was greeted by a pleasant surprise:

Please meet our new tree! Unfortunately, we also had to break up with tiny, tiny tree  yesterday. Looks like we  also need to get some decorations. There are three on the tree right now.

Our stocking "pile" is now neatly cascading down the stairwell:

looks much better, huh?

I'll leave you with something new that I learned yesterday. (Maybe I'm just completely out of the loop with this so you may know it already). Did you know that you can curl your hair with a straightner??

There are video tutorials on youtube so head on over and check them out. I love this because I have wavy, sort of curly hair that is frizzy and the straightner calms down my 'fro. It also appears that my hair coloring has washed away pretty significantly. I had it dyed a dark reddish brown about a month ago and it's looking back to my natural hair color. At least it's all one color and not peppered with scarily grown out highlights. I'm terrible at keeping up with that stuff!

Today is my daughter's birthday party at preschool! How I wish I could be a fly on the wall in that room...Her poor teacher deserves a raise! I couldn't imagine trying to control an entire room of 2-3 year olds (she has 11 or so in her class). Sometimes, I can barely control my two little people...

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