Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

I've had quite a busy weekend! My company is giving us "holiday hours" for the month of December so as long I hit 35 hours by 12noon on Friday, I can leave. You better believe I am taking advantage of that! I left work on Friday at 12 pm and headed over to pick up my son for school. This poster was in the hallway:

Ha! Apparently they were trying some latkes in class and then taking a poll. I wondered why my son kept asking me to make them...

Friday a.m. spin was just OK. Not because of the Body Guard but, because I was just tired! I kept checking the clock but I did manage to make it the entire hour. I only burned about 415 calories which means I was completely slacking on the climbs.
Friday night we finally had our postponed movie night (Pat was super sick last weekend so we had to cancel). We watched "The Dark Knight" with our friend Dave and drank some:

Both of these wines are excellent and I highly recommend them. question in regards to Christian Bale as Batman, did he just start doing that awful Batman voice on his own accord or did the director tell him to do that? It's sooooo distracting and AWFUL. Batman, get a damn ricolla! Also, Bane's voice?? It sounded like an odd Sean Connery.

We also had some movie snacks (didn't take a pic!) of carrots and tzatziki, crackers and cheddar, kettle corn and some kind of pepperoni/sausage thing that was spicy and chewy. We ate a small dinner with the kids at Wegmans a few hours before the movie so I wasn't that hungry for snacks.

I received a lovely present from the good people at Clif Bar in the mail on Saturday. You may recall I faithfully used these Gel Bloks during my training for the Mega and at the actual marathon. I am a gummy addict so I loooove the texture.

I have yet to try the Chocolate Cherry flavor so I'll report back at a later date on the flavor. The Black Cherry flavor is awesome!

My workout on Saturday was actually pretty good. I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill (I was planning on just running) but, I noticed a spin class starting at 9 am with an instructor I had never had before so I joined the class. Cherie was actually pretty tough! She does climbing drills and changes up the positions quite often and plays good music. I was going to duck out of class after 30 minutes but ended up staying the entire time because I really liked the drills. I ended up biking about 22 miles and burned 545 calories.

Saturday night, we headed to my friend Karen's house for a party. They played a game called "White Elephant". Basically, you bring a gift at a given price point (this party was $20) and you get a ticket at the door and then later on, they call out the ticket numbers and you can choose a gift or steal from someone else. I started out with a pretty cool gift of hand designed coffee mugs with hot chocolate and little bottle of liquor, which promptly got stolen. I then stole a $20 gift card to the movies...which also promptly got stolen so I opened a new gift and it was an electric wine bottle opener...sweet! But then, that got stolen too!! I ended up with this lovely item:

Please disregard my obviously drunk self...yikes!! Not looking so good.

I guess this is what I get for wrapping up some odds and ends from Bath and Body works that I had in my hall closet...

I did try this wine at the party which I thought was excellent:

I like the little German guy on the bottle.

Sunday was the big Chuck E Cheese birthday party for my sweet little girl. I bought her a very special party dress:

It's her 3rd birthday! (We did go to Patty's spin class at 10 am. I biked 23 miles in her class. She was doing a lot of speed work so the past two spin work outs have been completely different and I definitely feel like my legs have been worked! )

The kids and I played around the house for awhile before the party taking pictures:

and I am loving this head band:

Chuck E Cheese was crazy (as usual) and my daughter had her first little friend at her party! My new friend April brought her daughter and her two sons. The two girls were so cute together. This is our family's third or fourth Chuck E Cheese party. Apparently, it's the best place on EARTH when you're a kid. By 6 pm Sunday night, I was completely exhausted.

I still find myself in complete shock over what happened in Newton, CT at Sandyhook Elementary. My heart goes out to all the families. I listened to President Obama's speech Sunday night and he gave this speech as a father, not just the President. He offered prayers and strength to the families and expressed, in words, as best he could how sorry we are for this tragedy. I don't even know what to say. It's heartbreaking. Make sure you hug and kiss your little people today!

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