Friday, December 7, 2012

A Fantastic Friday!

Well Hello Friday! I have missed you! 5:30am Spin was tough, as expected. I biked around 21 miles and burned about 498 calories in an hour. I know for sure that the spin instructor is, in fact the Body Guard. But don't worry Mr. Body Guard, your secret is safe with me :-)

Today's juice of the day:

Looks like I spilled a little on the counter. Whoops! This has carrot, kale, spinach and romaine. Bottom's up!

Have you decorated for the holidays yet? We have but are minimalists. Let's take a tour!

Dining room wall:

Dining room:

Stocking stock pile:

Snow globe!

Our tiny, tiny tree (ha! Funny story here. I had a puppy for awhile and the first year we had him, we had a 5 foot fake tree and the puppy peed all over it and ate the ornaments so that tree went into the garbage. The following year, I had my son so we got this tiny, tiny tree to keep the dog from attacking it. Mr. Dog now resides with grandma since he couldn't stop peeing and pooing in the house and we have since replaced Mr. Dog with our newest family addition, our daughter but we kept the tiny, tiny tree since we then had babies everywhere! I was going to buy a new, much bigger tree this year but I pulled that little tree out and my daughter said "It's beautiful!" so we are keeping again this year)

There are working lights on there btw!

I'm also obsessed with any and all sugar cookie items. I ran out of my Celestial Seasonings Cookie Sleigh Ride but I do have :


Any plans for the weekend? Tonight is movie, wine and dine night with friends. Tomorrow we have breakfast with Santa. I told my kids that Santa specifically requested their presence :-) Have a great day!

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