Thursday, December 6, 2012

My morning commute in pics

My alarm went of at 5:45am this morning. I did not want to get up! Are your mornings hectic too?? 5:45am gives me just a little over an hour to get myself dressed, kids up, dressed and fed and all of our stuff packed to  be out of the house by 7:05am. No wonder I'm tired already! (I just noticed that I forgot my lunch today...)

After dropping off the kids on my way to work:

The sky looks so pretty!

Up the road, to my first turn:

There's a Starbucks over to the left...mmmmmm Starbucks :-)

Heading towards the express way:

Uh oh...I see traffic and I have a bad feeling about this!

More traffic:

Looks like I need some coffee:

AND more traffic:

So, I made an executive decision to escape at an exit:

and arrived at work:

(Sorry for the blurry pic!)

The weather today is on the cooler side but sunny so I'm thinking of a run after work in the great outdoors. Tomorrow a.m. is spin with the Body Guard!

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